17 July 2011


It has been weeks that Sean and mates planned this tour but the Australian weather has been so unpredictable. Finally, a good Sunday for a trip to Hunter Valley Wine Tasting & Winery tour. It was such a lovely sky.

Taken a bit far but....

yes, those were cows actually, Sean said.

On this red soil, planted were red and black grapes.
It's the winter and the best season actually to have this tour is the summer or end of spring where you can see a lot of grapes. Harvest time is between January to April.

Sean being silly and took this....Happy 20th!!!

Those mountain ridges got vineyards as well.

This was at the Tyrrell's Wines. This winery in Hunter is the best for Chardonnay.

Who were there on tour that day? Tourist came from USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, Asia and some from Europe. And the tour guide got a bloody Scottish accent!

Sir Edward Tyrrell's Hut
and it is empty. Sean peeked inside.

This is where the wines get fermented. Here's a little trivia: red grapes for red wine only get pressed once, but the green ones for white wine can be pressed twice.
He thinks white wines get stored in stainless steel barrels while there red in oak barrels. Oak barrels there came from different countries and that not only use to store the wines but they also add flavor to it. American oak barrel they can only use for Chardonnay.

Here's another cellar they went to that day called the Windsor. They had dessert wine tasting here and bought some bottles to take home.

It was such a great trip. A quick get away from the city. The place is just few hours away from CBD area. If you want to do wine tasting and winery tour, Hunter Valley got day tour from Sydney, Luncheon tour by helicopter, small group tour, and tour with overnight at Hunters Resort. Make this another thing to do in Sydney!

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