23 February 2013


I had a little drink with the homies at Padi's Point, MOA. This one is located by the seaside area.   I love tower drinks in different colors.  I have always love blue colored drinks. They got live band playing. You can choose to be seated outside where we decided to be at that time.  Best location of Padi's that i have been to.

Speaking of, the area is located at the back of Mall of Asia.  A perfect location especially on a weekend.  This is one of the places you can  checkout especially if you got kids who are fond of rides like carts, octopus, zip line, inflatable water walking balls, and more.  A lot of restaurants you can dine in like Buffet 101, Vikings, The Star Movies Cafe, Blackbeard's Seafood Island to name a few.  

Eye of MOA, photo taken earlier (no filter)

And of course, there is the Eye of MOA, if you want some time to just do the 360 scenic view of the bay and the metro.

We rate this out of 5:
Food: 4
Ambiance/Location: 5
Service: 5

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