25 May 2012


"Pinaupong Manok sa Asin"
(Chicken on salt)
Roasted Chicken
Fresh Oyster
Steamed Crab
Fresh Catch Crab

I am sorry for not having been around lately.  I know i owe you posts during my absence.  Here to share with are some photos from out of town adventure.  I have joined my cousins over weekend and spent time with them in a water farm that grows crabs, prawns, and fishes to name a few. It was like few towns away from the city northbound.  We have walked to the center of the farm, which is passing through other farms as well. We walked on narrow footpaths; few steps of mud, few steps grassy, but most steps crooked; in between hectares of water. We reached the area almost half an hour after 12 noon.  It was when the sun was so fiercely shinning. Imagine walking during that time with bags and no umbrellas on hand as we expected to carry some loads on our way back.  A felt of relief as we reached the hut where we spent the day and celebrated the feast of the town's patron saint.  Photos above were the only shots i took of our food that day as i was afraid to drop my camera on the water surrounding the hut.  We had fun over steamed crabs and prawns, roasted chicken, boiled oyster, watermelon and steamed shelled nuts.  That was the first time i had ever tasted Chicken on salt and it was surely tasty.  I was just wondering why it was not that salty at all after having been cooked with like kilos of salt in the big pot.  We had so much to eat that we thought we can not make our way walking back anymore.  We stayed there for few hours more after we have learned that it was high tide and road out to the town proper was so traffic and unpassable; but too afraid to stay longer with the ominous rumbling of thunder that was like warning us of the coming rain.  A good decision that we had to go as heavy rain poured heavily on our way home. To sum up the weekend despite adversity : A totally great food and travel adventure! So how was your weekend like?

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