15 December 2012


Always food tripping with friends make my tummy hurts.  But not of nasty food but with full tummy and laughter after.  On food trip, checking out Blackbeard's Seafood Island restaurant, Moa branch.  We always dine together so we see to it that we check big serving and menu that serves 5-6 people or so..

The place offers set menu or what the usually call the Boodle Feast or you can choose whatever you like on ala carte.  We decided to have the Mt. Apo which serves 5-6 persons and we just ordered Salmon soup to add on.  

Mt. Apo Feast consists of  Imbao sa buco, steamed crabs, grilled pork belly or liempo, grilled chicken in coco milk, grilled squid, steamed shrimps, fried Tilapia, law-uy, Kinilaw na Tanigue fish fillet, balbakwa, grape seaweed salad with crispy dilis and salted fish rice.  Served in a big tray with layers of banana leaves.  You can eat right there altogether using your bare hands.  But then we still preferred using utensils or it will be all grossed out. 
Imbao sa buco or some shells in coconut
Balbawa or Ox skin

This meant that we enjoyed the food or let's just say, we really got big appetites!   Here is the link on what's on their menu.

We rated this out of 5:
Food: 4 
Ambiance/Location: 4
Service: 3 - I got Iced tea poured all over me and my new Mango bag at that time.  Well, it was not intended but they should have been more careful. 

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