05 August 2012


Shrimps, quail eggs, peas, carrots and potatoes

Beef soup

Chicken cutlets with gravy

Spring rolls

Crispy Pata (pork thigh)
We celebrated Kurt's birthday at Gilligan's, Greenbelt, Makati.

It was raining that time and we were soaking wet when we got in.  Every time with family for me is always precious.  Kurt joined me in other social networks with his photos up.  He also shared my interests as well in blogging and helps me out take pictures on some that i had posted here.  He finished his first story.  He got such wild imagination and so keen to have a book published in the future.  He has lots of interests, cooking is one of them.  He is always by my side everytime i am in the kitchen and do some errands in there.  Now he is thinking of becoming a chef. So many things he wanted to do.  I hope he ends up doing the career he loves the most.

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