28 August 2010


The Marina Sands IR @ Marina Bay

Another great view from my client's window. Actually this was taken like days before that Millenia Tower Sightings. I regret not bringing my camera along that time. But i wouldn't let this chance pass by so i took a shot using my phone. The Ship like structure on top connecting the 3 buildings is definitely awesome. At night like 3 laser beams come from that place towards the sky. Some parts of this place still under construction as well. I can't wait until all done for they say that this area will house more than 300 shops around the casino. Can you imagine that? Shopping heaven, baby!


One thing about meeting clients on high rise building is that i get able to see what's on their window! Just look at what i've got! The best view of the Flyer from 41st floor of Millenia Tower. This is such one awesome view. I was dumbfounded when i first made my few steps towards the window.

I took some shots to share...

The Flyer

Ships and yatchs docked behind there.

Fronting Flyer to the right is the Marina Sands IR.
You can see also the still under construction building there which i think is a part also of Marina Sands. A skyway will connect that building to the main.

Fronting the Flyer to the left.
This highway is where i often pass daily to and from work.
Those buildings with like orange top roof are like dwarf houses looking from the highway.
Residents there got great view of the water surrounding the place.

The land on the left side is actually a golf course area and is also under construction. Lately i see some new landscapes around that area. Another place that would be eye-catching for sure.

Really awesome! A great view especially with the coming F1 Race this September. This is where those fast cars will drive around. They're preparing now for the race that is why there are seats (red & yellow) along the side of the Flyer there.

I've seen a lot of under constructions around. I see more progress for this country. How i wish my fellow countrymen would see the same back home.

22 August 2010


Check this awesome condopark! Such breathtaking view, isn't it? These magnificent sights will greet you upon entrance. Too bad it was raining and i wasn't able to get out of the car and take a better shots of these immortalized in bronze animals.

Waterfalls in the circle upon entrance.

Animal embossed on every block entrance.
Zebra represents the block we went to.
Bridge to the pool area.
Waterfalls surrounding the pool area.
The Guardians.
These waterfalls create such enchanting sounds in the area.
It makes your home feels like in the middle of the jungle near the waterfalls.
Lavish trees and plants from everywhere creates a jungle look effect
sending out curiosity to discover whatever awaits behind those greenery.

A smoking volcano by the pool area.
Resting tents with loungers in the middle of the sparkling pool.

I haven't got the chance to see the hidden cave after learning from the net that the place has one. Oh well, that's why it's called "hidden" anyways...not meant to be found! Whatever! This wont be my last time to visit the place and i am hoping to take more shots of the place. I miss out the tortoise by the waterfall at the roundabout and the zebras by the parking. And here's one thing more before i forget, maintenance personnel and guards work around wearing like khaki tops and shorts like that of park rangers. How cool is that?!

15 August 2010


I am not into sweets much like ice cream, cakes, chocolates and candies.  Sweets i think got no appeal for me in the aspect of taste as i may say.  I admit though i always get attracted by their colorful presentations like wrappers, boxes and tins. I may not into it but then that doesn't mean i don't eat or get to taste them.  

Just to give my stressful day some twist i decided to stop by and got some of these...

I had for myself Choc Hazelnut and Blood Orange flavors! They're not too sweet for me (well, as for the flavors i have chosen). I had a great time with it melting on my tongue. Helped me destress a little. It's like an "ok-give-me-a-break" time moment.


This old police station (now known as Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, Singapore) at the corner of Hill st. and Rivervalley road is a nice building architecture as well. MICA building is an eye-catcher with its different color windows.

I was able to get a nicer angle of this building (well maybe next time i will) for i was just passing by this place to catch a ride on the way back to the office.


This historic building at the corner of junction of Stamford road and Hill Street fascinates me. Originally know as Oranje Building, the Stamford House currently houses a shopping mall.

I love it's romantic architectural style.  The details on the designs and mouldings were very popular during the Victorian period. Looking at this building feels like you are time traveling to earlier time of the Renaissance era. 

12 August 2010


Question: Why they call it building when it's already built? (lol!)

I love looking at building architectures like this one on Fraser St., Parkview Square.  It's color and structure is like one of the buildings in Europe and NYC. From Nicoll Highway you can see it standing like in between of the Gateway buildings (i will have my shots of those buildings too!).

Parkview Square
Lamp post at the corner of Beach Road and Bras Basah

I went quickly to Marina Baby just to take pictures of the skyline and to try also my cam at night settings. The sky is awesome.  I've seen some people just seated there staring at the water, some stargazing, and some just simply breathing.

Night view of Marina Baby
The Merlion at One Fullerton 
Makansutra located behind Esplanade
I left the house at 10pm and went back midnight.  Well, i wanted to stay longer but buses and trains only available 'til 11pm.  I decided to go home by midnight and since i got trauma with riding taxi here, i was praying on my way home to keep me safe. 

10 August 2010



04 August 2010


After a long time finally i was able to post here yayy! I've been very busy with work as always. Then just recently i got one of my dream cam! Time isn't always in favor of me. Got the cam but not much time to really use it on field. Sigh! But all the time i'm making sure i carry it with me so whenever i can use it with it's ready. I was able to take some shots i want to share with you. Shots are kind of representations of what i've encountered or where i've been for the day.

I got off the bus to Orchard one morning. I alighted at Esplanade. I told myself to give Marina a quick visit and have some shots from there. Sun rises in that side of the flyer. It's a bright sunny morning for Singapore.

That thing like lighthouse there will keep the fire burning
while the Youth Olympic Game is being held here.
This is my recent shot of how the Marina Sands IR looks like now. In my next post i will show you a better angle of these buildings.

The Merlion at One Fullerton.
One of the tourist attractions of Singapore.

A nice morning view of Marina Bay. I'm happy to have these shots taken.