08 July 2011


Sausages for tasting.  I got a pack of different kind of sausages for Kurt's food tasting.  Since they got back to school we always run out of idea what to pack for them for lunch and morning snacks.  They got limited time to buy lunch in the school cafeteria and that we do not know what kind of food they're getting, so we just prepare something in the morning for them to bring along.

Now let me introduce you to the sausages :).  l-r : Schublig, Italian, Hungarian, Cheesy Frankfurter, Bratwurst.  Since Kurt loves cheese i knew he would pick Cheesy Frankfurter.  The first three he said were spicy. Italian he does not like at all because of the strong herbs and spices flavor.  Bratwurst on the other hand he said no flavor at all, meaning so plain and would be better in a bun with all the toppings and sauces.  Now, what would be for Nicole's school lunch?

Quench that thirst!  Here's a refreshing water with slices of lemon!!!

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