25 July 2011


Food tripping @ Crazy Crepes.  Nephew Kurt's favorite fruit of all is the ripe mango.  He tried out one of their fruit crepes Mango crumble.  It was mango slices, cream, ice cream and some cake/cookie crumbles and topped with mango syrup.

Mango crumble

And as for me, it was Tuna crepe.  I was able to taste the fruit crepes and they were okay.  They were not that sweet.  Next time i will try other ones there.

Tuna Crepe

I want to give some of the photo credits to Kurt. He took them while getting another one after his mango crumble. LOL!

In the covered glass are some of the replicas and prices of the crepes available on display. They were such nice presentation so customers can see what they will actually get.

We will surely try more from this shop!

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