25 July 2011


I was craving for Dimsum for a week now.  And while waiting for my nephew to get back a rolling cart passed by. It was being pushed by a lady wearing chinese dress.  What do you know? She offers Dimsum!  

Bean Curd Roll

This Bean Curd Roll is a-must-try.   It was like vegetable mixed wrapped in bean curd skin.  My nephew who is picky about vegetables liked it.  These ones where fried though, i preferred steamed.  Now i am thinking where could these bean curd skins available here.

Another one we tried was the braised chicken feet.  It was ok but not the best.  

Braised Chicken feet

So when you see this cart rolling in food court, try the bean curd roll.  How i wish they also carry other kind like steamed variety of dumplings, pork ribs in black bean, pork buns, taro buns, wantons, tofu in black bean sauce, and spring rolls!!!

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