22 July 2011


It has been extremely hot these past few days.  It rained last night and just as the weather expert Kuya Kim tweeted "lalakas pero di tatagal" (will get strong but wont last) it did not last, not even for 30 minutes.  If it only would take for me to do the rain dance i would just to cool it off for a moment! But anyways, these ones below helped a bit.   

Yes, not as guacamole but as avocado shake.  Not everywhere knew that these rich, with leathery skin, yellowish-green flesh, and a large seed fruit can be made into a sweet, creamy, iced shake coolness!

All you need is a blender, avocado (lots of them in the market for they are in season at this time), sweetened condensed milk, crushed ice.  Then after a few minutes you can indulge yourself with a healthy shake.  As optional you can also put some choco syrup on your glass or if you want some really tropical flavor on it, you can add coco milk on the mixture.  

If you do not have any avocado available, all you can do for now is crave for it!

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