23 December 2010


wishing you a



11 November 2010


Checking out my uncle's "school". That's what he said to the driver when asked where to. His new "school"? The Resort World Manila!

I have seen the Resort World Singapore and i did not know we got it back here. I just saw it last Feb2010 from above when our plane was bout to land. At that time when i was here, i did not get the chance to go and check it out 'til i came back again later this year.

I have been to Casinos (most of the times were with him) but i only enjoyed the shows, food and drinks especially when they were free because of his signing privilege being one of the vips. Anyways, he said he'll bring me to his new school and told me about this place and so i was so excited to tag along. We reached there like almost lunch. We entered from that side of Marriott Hotel Manila. Security was too tight. Thorough bag checks and body scans were done for all those entering the place. Some shops by the lobby were not open yet. To the right by the entrance preparation was ongoing for some art exhibit. We walk straight to where "the playas" have fun and play big time! The center part is where Bar360 and a stage for shows is located, to the right were the slot machines and to the left were tables. Taking pictures inside are prohibited so i was not able to get even a shot. Well actually tried during one of the performances there but my attention was called upon. I joined the free membership and sat along and played with my uncle, gave our cards for some points we can use later for food and beverages. The place is equipped with cameras all over. Security personnel were all over the play areas.

Then it was time for my lunch but i had it like passed 1pm. I enjoyed the buffet at Mercado. I love the pasta and fruit bar. The colorful inverted umbrellas on the ceiling created a nice dim colored ambiance inside the resto. I was full and satisfied after. :9 I went back to the table, did some slots the whole afternoon. I was having fun but not til place started to get crowded and filled with smoke from their cigarettes. I smelled awful! I am not used to smell much smoke (coming from the country where i have stayed for years which is so strict with their smoking laws on closed establishments), so i really had difficulty breathing that time even with my face half covered with hanky. I had buffet dinner again at Mercado played some slots after. Got a bottle or two of the free bottled water. Bar 360 had a show from international talents and acrobats (i can't remember from which countries exactly but they're from all over Europe). It was really a great show. Members of Earth, Wind & Fire were there to promote their show for the following day. They rendered a song as well. The night was really fun but the smoke really annoyed me. I decided then to just sit by the lobby and wait there. Took some shots from there and not long after (almost 1am) we went home.

Christmas lights by the parking lot.
Building behind is the Genting building.

Tower by the concert ground where Arnel Pineda performed the night after.
I did not notice i was able to capture the cross from the church near there.

Flower arrangement at the lobby of Maxims Tower

Painting placed outside the art exhibit area.
Too bad i wasn't able to check it out.
It was already closed when i got there.

At the hallway of Newport City where shops were located.

Flower arrangements from wishers.

to the lobby of Maxims tower

Christmas balls, lights and cameras on the ceiling

to Marriott Hotel Manila

Christmas Trees and Santa by the lobby

We went there again the following day. We stayed at VIP area. Where all those money came from??!! Yes, people betting hundreds of thousands in one go! But much to my concern was my tummy. Got there 2pm with no breakfast. I tried the seafood congee and dimsum at Noodle Works for dinner and had Clubhouse sandwich, fries and iced tea for snacks at The Maxims Dining earlier. Uncle did not get the same luck as yesterday so we went home early that night. We went to the parking lot to get the car at that time Arnel Pineda of Journey was rocking the ground. It was windy that time. Tired and passed out in the car on our way home.

31 October 2010


be safe

28 October 2010


how can such true love exists and bound for eternity..
love that is undying...endless & forever...
how such love be without the existence of the other?
don't ask---that's suicidal. haha!
"plus que ma propre vie" - "more than my life"

model lovebirds: Bella & Edward
keeper: cuz grace


my lil jet-setter  6:
travels with me all the time
my lil sean
his siblings are dreaming just the same
in two cities of the world--ny/sydney
to your keepers...i'll see you in my dreams guys!

06 September 2010


F1 Race is on this September and it's going to get loud.  Booths are open along Orchard road for memorabilia. Posters are up along the city streets.  It's going to be a star studded 3-day event. Who are coming?  I see posters of Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot, Adam Lambert, Daughtry, Sean Kingston, Chippendales to name a few.

F1 is a sought after yearly event here in Singapore. A lot of tourists come during this time from different countries. This kind of event, as well as the recently held Youth Olympic Game last month, boosted Singapore's tourism industry.  Good work! Majulah Singapura! Onward Singapore!


How did my Sunday go? Let me tell you...

I woke up to a cold morning and it was raining. I had my shower and got dressed up for work. I wore my black hooded jacket just to protect me from the rain walking from home to the carpark. I went to Orchard to work then went out to meet someone at the Embassy. Walked back to Orchard. I decided to pass by Marks & Spencer for some goodies. Everytime i see and go to this shop i remember a dear pretty friend Stace who used to send us goodies from Marks & Spencer. I remember the peppermint tea!

Marks & Spencer
This bread shop in Ion sells yummy pastries. And again i'm not into sweet stuff but i love them. I walked around Ion and went to stay outside also to take some shots.
Sorry shot was out of focus.
It was intended for the bagels there.

This is their version of "dirty ice cream" as what they call it back home. Ice cream not serve in cones but on bread or wafer. Ice creams packed like rectangular and have to cut it to serve. Flavors are delicious. They don't melt easily even on a hot weather. Kurt's (my nephew) favorite as well.
F1 Race displays at Ion Orchard

After Ion i went back to office and went out late for Sunday mass. We decided to go Novena. Special mass was going on and a lot of devotees came. On this shot below devotees were actually on the other side of the highway already because even the carpark just outside the church was so crowded.
Umbrellas opened for it was raining as well that time.
After attending the mass. Me and cousins decided to have dinner at Kallang. I had hot plate beancurd and braised fish, hot tea and steamed rice. I was full. Thanking my Lord for the graces.
Hot plate beancurd.

I had a tiring day. Busy but it's good and bored like doing the same thing. I just can't wait to be home with my loved ones.

04 September 2010


We went to a wet market and got these fresh for lunch. I just steamed them with little vinegar and salt. Arranged them on a plate and decorated with orchids around for some Balinese inspired presentation. :)

02 September 2010


It was a terrible day.  The sun was blinding this morning and worst at noon time. My eyes can not take to much brightness. The awful heat gave me headache and hoping for no migraine day.  I really despise this kind of weather.  

Yesterday was better.  I remembered sitting on a bus stop while reading my book.  A school ground was just behind where i was.  Wind was blowing and i can smell the wet grass as the hot sun dried them up. It was sunny but gentle.  

This day i went to work in the afternoon and this how the sun was shining intensely.  I wanted to go walk along Orchard but then the heat ruined my day.  

Street towards Orchard.

I went across Tangs to get some  snacks and i got some frozen yoghurt with strawberry toppings.  I got this to just keep me cool.   When i got back to the off i added up some strawberry jam.  And thanks to my friend Dang for the shortbread and jam!

I hope tomorrow wont be as hot as today for surely i will get some gelatos! 

28 August 2010


The Marina Sands IR @ Marina Bay

Another great view from my client's window. Actually this was taken like days before that Millenia Tower Sightings. I regret not bringing my camera along that time. But i wouldn't let this chance pass by so i took a shot using my phone. The Ship like structure on top connecting the 3 buildings is definitely awesome. At night like 3 laser beams come from that place towards the sky. Some parts of this place still under construction as well. I can't wait until all done for they say that this area will house more than 300 shops around the casino. Can you imagine that? Shopping heaven, baby!


One thing about meeting clients on high rise building is that i get able to see what's on their window! Just look at what i've got! The best view of the Flyer from 41st floor of Millenia Tower. This is such one awesome view. I was dumbfounded when i first made my few steps towards the window.

I took some shots to share...

The Flyer

Ships and yatchs docked behind there.

Fronting Flyer to the right is the Marina Sands IR.
You can see also the still under construction building there which i think is a part also of Marina Sands. A skyway will connect that building to the main.

Fronting the Flyer to the left.
This highway is where i often pass daily to and from work.
Those buildings with like orange top roof are like dwarf houses looking from the highway.
Residents there got great view of the water surrounding the place.

The land on the left side is actually a golf course area and is also under construction. Lately i see some new landscapes around that area. Another place that would be eye-catching for sure.

Really awesome! A great view especially with the coming F1 Race this September. This is where those fast cars will drive around. They're preparing now for the race that is why there are seats (red & yellow) along the side of the Flyer there.

I've seen a lot of under constructions around. I see more progress for this country. How i wish my fellow countrymen would see the same back home.

22 August 2010


Check this awesome condopark! Such breathtaking view, isn't it? These magnificent sights will greet you upon entrance. Too bad it was raining and i wasn't able to get out of the car and take a better shots of these immortalized in bronze animals.

Waterfalls in the circle upon entrance.

Animal embossed on every block entrance.
Zebra represents the block we went to.
Bridge to the pool area.
Waterfalls surrounding the pool area.
The Guardians.
These waterfalls create such enchanting sounds in the area.
It makes your home feels like in the middle of the jungle near the waterfalls.
Lavish trees and plants from everywhere creates a jungle look effect
sending out curiosity to discover whatever awaits behind those greenery.

A smoking volcano by the pool area.
Resting tents with loungers in the middle of the sparkling pool.

I haven't got the chance to see the hidden cave after learning from the net that the place has one. Oh well, that's why it's called "hidden" anyways...not meant to be found! Whatever! This wont be my last time to visit the place and i am hoping to take more shots of the place. I miss out the tortoise by the waterfall at the roundabout and the zebras by the parking. And here's one thing more before i forget, maintenance personnel and guards work around wearing like khaki tops and shorts like that of park rangers. How cool is that?!