25 December 2009


We got some guests for Christmas and so we need to tour them around. But just this morning at around 11am i had a vehicular accident. It happened after picking up my girl at the airport. It was raining and the taxi we were on was in lane 1 driving a little fast. The accident took place right after East Coast Park when a van went out of lane encircling the slippery road and blocking our lane. The impact was intense and we had difficulty breathing at that moment. I am still blessed as i may say because nothing major happened to us and of the driver. Front of the car was wrecked. It could have been worst if we were not able to see the van. It was the most unforgettable experience i wont forget. I used to like fast cars but after the incident i always feels shaky traveling in any public vehicles. Worst...i had minor/almost accidents after that riding taxis which made me not-to-take-taxi-if-i-can while in Singapore. In short words, i don't trust their taxi drivers!

Anyways, that night i still manage to joined then at Night Safari.

@the souvenir shop
Although the body ached terribly i managed to enjoy the night. It was the night before Christmas and a lot of people were there mostly families from other places. I had a long day so let's call this a night. Have a good night!

24 December 2009


Sizzling soft tofu and mushroom with carrots, bell peppers and onions

On photo the second photo, fried tofu in Thai sweet-chili sauce, lobster balls with creamy sauce dip, fish fillets and butterfly prawns to share. We had these somewhere in Geylang before the shopping and Night Safari adventure that day.

15 October 2009


IKEA! I love this place. Not just the furnies, linens and other home decors that made me love this place, it's also the food!

Stuffed salmon with chives medallions and baby carrots

Then after a full tummy we went back to the office. And since we arrived late already, no available slot to park the car on 7th floor. Good thing the rooftop is always available.

View from the rooftop.

Facing Tangs

View that night from the rooftop.

In this photo: Ion Orchard and Meritus


I was having my morning walk with my cousin just along the neighborhood. Homeowners and tenants here can use the space in ground level of some blocks for their parties/events just like the wedding set-ups under two of the blocks.

Their motif purple and pink.

Photos taken below were from another block with maroon motif. I think this one got nicer decorations and set-up. From carpet, lighting, flower arrangements and table settings, you would not notice it to be just under a building and not from any function area of any hotels.

14 September 2009


Terminal 2, Changi Airport

Changi Airport is my second home HEHE! But really, you can see me often at the airport's three terminals. Most of my books i got at Times Newslink at terminal 2, Sweets at Bengawan solo at terminal 1, Curry puffs at Budget terminal. I had Popeye's chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuit while waiting for my girls. Wish we had this near our place coz i'm kind of bored eating the same chinese/malay food there everyday.

13 September 2009


Another place where we went to have dinner and also located at East Coast Park is Hongkong Cafe. Ambiance is okay. Solo vocal/guitarist performed that night. A little pricey though but food was great as well as the chilli spices readily served on the table. What we had that night were Claypot beef brisket, Chicken lollipops, and this Fruit and ham salad (watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, turnips, corn kernels, cucumber topped with mayo and cream).

Pig out! :)


Nearest place we can go to enjoy nature is by the beach. We are just 10 minutes walk away from it. We always head out to East Coast Park whenever we want to enjoy the night and breathe in some fresh ocean breeze. Along the park are restos, coffee shops, bars, mini carnival, bowling,  video game,billiards and other shops for rentals of bikes and roller skates. On Friday nights, people would set up tents and stay there until Sunday morning.  I will upload some photos i took in my next posts, i just can't find my HD. HEHE!

This is the place where we usually go, The Steamboat! You will have to do reservation for the place is really fully booked especially during the weekends. They would sit you in and prepare the gas tank and start the fire to heat up the soup. This is "eat-all-you-can resto". You just get whatever you want to put into your soup (Chicken or Tong Yam Soup/ spicy or not). You can choose from varieties of chicken, beef and seafoods marinated and ready for grilling. Vegetables, noodles, and different sauces are readily available.

Drinks, ice creams and other desserts, they have varieties to choose from.  This is really a place where you can pig out. I think the price is reasonable and food is really great. What's enjoying here is that you will have to cook them yourselves however you want and spice them up to your taste.

Hmm Posting this makes me hungry. I miss steamboat already!!!

12 September 2009


Dinner at AJISEN, Parkway Parade. A japanese inspired resto. And of course california maki won't miss the table.

Bowl of noodle soup replicas displayed inside the resto showing off
the different variety they got.

Condiments never run out of different spices.

California Maki, wasabi and soy sauce

Breaded silver fish and cuttlefish, baby octopus and maki

Dinner at AJISEN, Parkway Parade. A japanese inspired resto. And of course california maki won't miss the table paired with iced green tea.


I had grilled salmon for dinner with sliced tomato, cucumber and green leafy veggies on the side, sprinkled with toasted garlic and squeezed some lemon on it.

Location: Parkway Parade, Marine Parade, Singapore


Pasta is one of my weaknesses. Love it so! And this is pasta heaven, Pasta de Waraku. This one is located at Terminal 2, Changi Airport, Singapore. They got like all kinds of pasta, sauces and recipes. One would wonder how each one tastes like. They got these plates lined up and displayed in and outside of the resto walls. Below each replica of pasta plate got this engraved name plates of the recipe.

Pasta Waraku

Replica presentation like this is a cool way to help you make a choice of what you may want to have based on how they may look like. And they all look yummy! LOL! I had Carbonara by the way.