28 April 2011


Rocky Road ice cream cake,
Bake & Churn, Festival Mall

Cranberry juice @ Starbucks

I had a great time this afternoon with new friends Amy, Faye, Ruby and Jeffrey, and Aunt Tess. I am glad to see my aunt again for I have not seen her for decades coz they migrated in the US. I had the above for snacks and the cake was not that sweet so i like! Oh and not to forget about the Mango smoothies at Kenny Roger's i had earlier. Cooling a bit for a really hot season!

22 April 2011


I am glad green-thumb runs in the family. Here's a plump gourd produce freshly cut from my Uncle's backyard. I always like homegrown produce like healthy and fertilizer free fruits and vegetables. We keep a little garden at home also and at times we plant some vegetables like bitter gourd, okra and red chili. In the sense that not only you can get them fresh from your backyard, you can also save a portion of your budget.

Make use of your spare land or space to grow produce. You can save financially and you can also help save the environment in your own little way.

19 April 2011


Frustrated from the former gelato trip, for now i will just stick to Red Mango! Kurt, my nephew had a frozen yoghurt with banana crunch, mango tidbits and mandarin oranges for toppings. I had for myself Mango smoothies with frozen yoghurt swirl in it. I love how it isn't too sweet for me and Kurt does too!

17 April 2011


Left over of the taco shells and tuna and onion dip for hungry nephew...LOL!
He just really can't wait for dinner.

14 April 2011


I had Rock Melon and
for my nephew some Mango (as usual) and coconut.

We have been to Makati, my nephew and i. He tagged along excitedly that day. We decided to go there and check out one of a toy guns he had been wanting for so long. Once we reached there one shop caught my eyes...Gelatissimo @Greenbelt5,Mkti. It has been months now since i last tasted it abroad. With cravings and wanting to have something cold to beat the weather, we agreed to stop by and sit for awhile.

They got lots of flavors to choose from but i am so distinctive with unsweetened or semi sweet flavors on desserts. And just as i thought, they were too sweet for me. Overheard one missy beside our table said that what she got was too sweet as well proved that i am right. I was frustrated for it was not the same taste as what i had before. No thumbs up for me for this one. In fairness though, the coconut is ok, but just plain ok. Nephew finished my leftover which is more than half a cup still, well what do you expect, the kid got sweet tooth!!! :)

03 April 2011


This is not a food blog but just sharing you what we came up to do for snacks. Children off from school can get easily hungry. Some taco burger and taco salad are what we were able to make out of what were available in the refrigerator. A solver for nagging tummies!

01 April 2011


Some babies i found!

I got these crablets in the market. Just something i used to add flavor on my veggie dish with coco milk.

Pig out!