12 June 2011


Paella for the one who likes it a little hotter

Today is the Seventh Sunday of Easter, The Whit Sunday or the Sunday of Pentecost.  It's freezing cold here down under.  Rain is heavily pouring!  And Sean just hate this kind of weather! I say better than in Pearl of the Orient where weather now is heating up when it is supposed to be raining.  Global warming??? Today is the day to do  marketing after the service.  Sean is glad for tomorrow is a holiday which means no work and all chatting and cooking for us.  Weeeee! Anyways, walking around with this weather is such a killer!  Thanks to Sean's comfort food, Paella @ Nando's, located at Pitt St., international Food Court under Myer.  Their Peri-peri chickens are to die for!  Just too bad this resto doesn't have much branches in some countries.

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