06 June 2011


My aunt usually send us these big packs of pancake mix. Thanks to her! A 10LB (4.53kg) pack. Kids love pancakes but this isn't anything like the local pancake mixture that is really fluffy and flavorful that you can cook just the way it is. This one below really needs some flavor for the kids to like. So i made fruit crepes out of it! Mocha flavored crepes for Nicole coz she wanted them plain. The fruit crepes i topped with fruit cocktail and poured on some syrup out of the juice i made. Actually, i want it A la mode but Kurt was so lazy to get us ice cream. He said his head aches under the sun. But anyways, they are yummy just as well. Snack time!

Previous recipe i made out it? Coffee-Banana Hotcakes, Choco Chips Hotcake (with real choco bits), Cheese waffles, and Banana fritters. Used up not even half of the pack yet and thinking what to do next. I will keep you posted.

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