13 June 2011


Hey Mate! It is Monday and we are on holiday down under! Woot woot!

Here is a new portion to this blog, a regular posts of what's cooking (this ain't a food blog but we can't help it!), what's happening (something that gets us busy) and whatever we feel like posting (just whatever we wanna share) from the land down under, Australia!!!

It seems to be difficult when you are cooking for two persons or just for yourself. The quantity and what to cook is also a hassle especially when the ingredients needed you just can not get easily on hand. Like Sean; who is working 6 days a week and have only few hours on Sundays to get to the market and buy his stocks for following whole week; must think ahead of what he should prepare for his daily meal. Instant food is a no-no! Read my lips: MUST COOK! We need easy, simple and quick cooking recipes to squeeze in Sean's busy day to day schedule. That is mostly before 8-9pm. After that time he's busy with me! *grins*

Anyways, we are going to post on this blog some of Sean's cooking. And today is holiday as i mentioned earlier, he cooked our version of Beef Patties commonly known as Burgers. What was special with this recipe was he added Pancetta, an Italian bacon, into the mixture. He grilled the patties and topped caramelized onion (well almost, he left some crunchiness on the onions). He added some of the extra Pancetta on the plate and Viola! some heart filling, juicy burgers! Ciao!

Beef Patties with Pancetta

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