20 June 2011


It is definitely not a proliferation of gluttony. It is just that every time we get together, which is not often, we ended up having good laughs and fun pigging out and having drinks. And this time it was with my guy cousins and their families.

In celebration of father's day and that the day after is a holiday, we spent the day in my eldest guy cousin's place. Nothing much special on the food but these fruit cuts in containers. I said special and let me tell you why....

My guy cousins on my mom's side, well, they are not that showy or not good showing affection. (or was it a guy thing?) Anyways, the eldest went out with my sis and wife to get some food. They were to get some pancit malabon, spring rolls, and crispy pata but the rain was so heavy they ended up in the supermarket instead and got something to grill. My guy cuz went to the salad section, got two containers and filled it up with fruit cuts he has chosen himself. Then when they got back, he immediately served them to the oldies (my mom and aunt). He even said "just for them". I was touched with his gestures. Well, probably because it was nothing like i see of him that way. My sister even whispered to me like it was a "miracle". I appreciated him that time. His brother on the other hand, made their way to travel north to south (with the pouring rain) just so he can be with us. At first, we thought this "little-get-together" wont be possible because we can not fit in one car (which will be the only available that time). But i decided to just use public transport, with my mom and nephew, the night before so my other cousin and mom can join us as well.

Anyways, we spent the day eating, drinking and singing our heart out with the karaoke...still with the pouring rain. Today is like no other day having fun times with family. This moment is what we call precious!

The Special Fruit Cup

Here are the blessings we had on the table:

Well, a lot more of them on the grill and pan. My younger guy cuz brought with him crispy chicharon and native delicacies like "puto and suman", which he got from Bulacan.

In the afternoon, they drove us home safely. We all crashed to sleep early that night.

I hope you too had a great weekend!

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