04 May 2011


I had a great day today! Real fun with fam!

It was real hot the other day and we were just so annoyed. With the kids doing nothing on summer vacation and having this hot weather is not of any help. Boredom enters the picture. Irritations with sweats and dry air can boils up abrupt and crazy thoughts of a refreshing get away!

Called up the cuz, went for some grocery, packed up some stuff, woke up early the following day, prepared some food, carried bags, locked up the house, on and off some transpo vehicles, rode a few kilometers, until we reached destination!

Dig in for some food! Pig out and take some SPLASH!!!!!!!

Pork slices with diced potatoes, carrots and tomatoes.
Courtesy of my cuz Grace.

Grilled pork belly slices!

Dried chicken adobo

Rice noodles by Grace

Grilled Hotdogs for kiddos

Ube-Macapuno Cake for dessert

Grace's Ice Crumble

And the Chiller! Grace's Ice crumble! We just love it! Not too sweet for me. Some additional candy toppings for the kids. Aside from my Strawberry cooler drinks, this Ice crumbles beat the heat!

We had fun swimming for hours. Water splash kept the heat away for a moment. We had the pool just for ourselves. Good laughs and full tummies cooled up our day! For sure there will be a next time!!!

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