12 May 2011


Kurt and Nicole tagged along when i went to Manila. Then right after my errands we went to hangout in Makati. We have not had a proper breakfast at home when we left so kids and I were so hungry at around 10am. We reached Greenbelt5 just to realized it will open at 11am. Just can not wait anymore we settled for Chicken Bacolod at Greenbelt.

That was what's left of what Nicole had. We ordered for Bangus belly and i do not think it was the belly part at all. Size? not worth for it's price.

Kurt had java rice and grilled chicken breast. Grilled chicken was dry. He said it was ok but he did not ask for another rice...so i guess it was not ok. HAHA! I had my share of java rice, grilled chicken as well. We had the batchoy for soup. It was a bit salty and we do not like the taste of soup at all. Kurt had his mango shake, while nicole her coke and i had my buco juice. I asked if they got buco shake but the guy said only mango (ripe and green) is available. The ordertaker recommended buco sherbet so i said ok we will have that instead. Then he came back saying "oh sorry ma'am our desserts on the menu are not available at this time." Such a disappointment. They should've known what is available on the menu first before recommending anything to their customer.

In the end, Nicole did not even finish her fish and i ended up eating the rest of the food. Then after, regretting and swearing there won't be next time on this resto.

We passed by Mesa walking our way to Starbucks thinking to myself we should have eaten there instead. Sigh! :))

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