28 May 2011


Food post again yes. Can't help it. Just want to share that i do some cooking also at home and i love it. I got skills on it and cross-trained in the kitchen on some Saturdays during my off when i was still working in a former five-star hotel (well they used to rate the hotels with stars).

Last Sunday was a little get together at Uncle's place. And of course, i did the cooking. I cooked Nicole's favorite spaghetti though was not in the picture but it was yummy!

Now let me leave you drooling with our home food while you scroll down this page. *grins

The grilled was so tasty though i marinated them just for few minutes. My sis had the pork sliced just thinly so it absorbed the marinade quickly. What did we grill? Pork slices, chicken breast fillet, mini burgers & blue marlin slices. I made fruit salad for dessert. It chilled quickly in the freezer just in time for lunch. Those corn on cobs were what's left of it.

Bon Appétit!!!

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