02 September 2010


It was a terrible day.  The sun was blinding this morning and worst at noon time. My eyes can not take to much brightness. The awful heat gave me headache and hoping for no migraine day.  I really despise this kind of weather.  

Yesterday was better.  I remembered sitting on a bus stop while reading my book.  A school ground was just behind where i was.  Wind was blowing and i can smell the wet grass as the hot sun dried them up. It was sunny but gentle.  

This day i went to work in the afternoon and this how the sun was shining intensely.  I wanted to go walk along Orchard but then the heat ruined my day.  

Street towards Orchard.

I went across Tangs to get some  snacks and i got some frozen yoghurt with strawberry toppings.  I got this to just keep me cool.   When i got back to the off i added up some strawberry jam.  And thanks to my friend Dang for the shortbread and jam!

I hope tomorrow wont be as hot as today for surely i will get some gelatos! 

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