28 August 2010


One thing about meeting clients on high rise building is that i get able to see what's on their window! Just look at what i've got! The best view of the Flyer from 41st floor of Millenia Tower. This is such one awesome view. I was dumbfounded when i first made my few steps towards the window.

I took some shots to share...

The Flyer

Ships and yatchs docked behind there.

Fronting Flyer to the right is the Marina Sands IR.
You can see also the still under construction building there which i think is a part also of Marina Sands. A skyway will connect that building to the main.

Fronting the Flyer to the left.
This highway is where i often pass daily to and from work.
Those buildings with like orange top roof are like dwarf houses looking from the highway.
Residents there got great view of the water surrounding the place.

The land on the left side is actually a golf course area and is also under construction. Lately i see some new landscapes around that area. Another place that would be eye-catching for sure.

Really awesome! A great view especially with the coming F1 Race this September. This is where those fast cars will drive around. They're preparing now for the race that is why there are seats (red & yellow) along the side of the Flyer there.

I've seen a lot of under constructions around. I see more progress for this country. How i wish my fellow countrymen would see the same back home.

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