22 August 2010


Check this awesome condopark! Such breathtaking view, isn't it? These magnificent sights will greet you upon entrance. Too bad it was raining and i wasn't able to get out of the car and take a better shots of these immortalized in bronze animals.

Waterfalls in the circle upon entrance.

Animal embossed on every block entrance.
Zebra represents the block we went to.
Bridge to the pool area.
Waterfalls surrounding the pool area.
The Guardians.
These waterfalls create such enchanting sounds in the area.
It makes your home feels like in the middle of the jungle near the waterfalls.
Lavish trees and plants from everywhere creates a jungle look effect
sending out curiosity to discover whatever awaits behind those greenery.

A smoking volcano by the pool area.
Resting tents with loungers in the middle of the sparkling pool.

I haven't got the chance to see the hidden cave after learning from the net that the place has one. Oh well, that's why it's called "hidden" anyways...not meant to be found! Whatever! This wont be my last time to visit the place and i am hoping to take more shots of the place. I miss out the tortoise by the waterfall at the roundabout and the zebras by the parking. And here's one thing more before i forget, maintenance personnel and guards work around wearing like khaki tops and shorts like that of park rangers. How cool is that?!

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