06 September 2010


How did my Sunday go? Let me tell you...

I woke up to a cold morning and it was raining. I had my shower and got dressed up for work. I wore my black hooded jacket just to protect me from the rain walking from home to the carpark. I went to Orchard to work then went out to meet someone at the Embassy. Walked back to Orchard. I decided to pass by Marks & Spencer for some goodies. Everytime i see and go to this shop i remember a dear pretty friend Stace who used to send us goodies from Marks & Spencer. I remember the peppermint tea!

Marks & Spencer
This bread shop in Ion sells yummy pastries. And again i'm not into sweet stuff but i love them. I walked around Ion and went to stay outside also to take some shots.
Sorry shot was out of focus.
It was intended for the bagels there.

This is their version of "dirty ice cream" as what they call it back home. Ice cream not serve in cones but on bread or wafer. Ice creams packed like rectangular and have to cut it to serve. Flavors are delicious. They don't melt easily even on a hot weather. Kurt's (my nephew) favorite as well.
F1 Race displays at Ion Orchard

After Ion i went back to office and went out late for Sunday mass. We decided to go Novena. Special mass was going on and a lot of devotees came. On this shot below devotees were actually on the other side of the highway already because even the carpark just outside the church was so crowded.
Umbrellas opened for it was raining as well that time.
After attending the mass. Me and cousins decided to have dinner at Kallang. I had hot plate beancurd and braised fish, hot tea and steamed rice. I was full. Thanking my Lord for the graces.
Hot plate beancurd.

I had a tiring day. Busy but it's good and bored like doing the same thing. I just can't wait to be home with my loved ones.

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