10 March 2013


Crispy Chicken (Soy Garlic) and Kimchi Coleslaw

Whenever i go out on weekends, my Nephew, Kurt, always tag along because he knows i will be treating him to eat somewhere after.  This time we headed out to BonChon Chicken @ Greenbelt, Makati.  We totally love the crispy chicken.  I love coleslaw but still depending on which resto it is from.  An awful experience before made me a bit careful with it.  The delightful spiciness of the Kimchi incorporated into the coleslaw made this a favorite side dish.  

Beef Bulgogi
We also ordered Beef Bulgogi Rice and you can pay extra for additional beef.  They also serve upsides (like Onion rings, Sweet potato fries and large fries), wraps, sandwiches, salads, calamari, fish and chips, Koyo Korean yogurt and floats.

Rootbeer Float

Speaking of floats,  This Kurt called Iced float.  He said it was more of ice than rootbeer.  Frustrated, he ordered another iced tea.  But anyways, it was still a good meal.

We rated this 5 out of 5!

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