06 April 2012


Crunchy Kani Salad

Our destination: The Resort World - Manila
Occassion: Cousins' double birthday celebration (not really a celebration though for we do not have much time to really celebrate. Some people are just born to kill joy...just saying)
The Casino: We tried hitting the big one but just not my night. But my lady cousin had the biggest win among us. Maybe that was what they call beginner's luck. :) Lucky her!!!
The Pig out place: The Sizzling Pepper Steak. We had our dinner late and we thought we will just settle for Mcdo as we were really starving. The search for pizza was a failure. The elder cuz picked out this place. The last i had this was when i was in Singapore. Nice to finally tried it here. Our pick was under steak mania set which was good for 4 pax. The others had their own choices. The salad shot above was part of the set. Excuse me for not being attentive on the names of dishes for i was too busy taking their pics. Yes, that's what i usually do when we are out and cousins don't mind me taking shots of their food before they eat them. I shot, they eat later.LOL!

A little blurry but i assure you it was a corn soup!

The Eggdrop soup
(in short, i know the name was quite longer)

Orange Juice

Spag with 3 big meatballs

My burger steak
(yes, i forgot to have my rice. I wonder where did it go.)

Sizzling beef and sunny side up

Fried Chicken cutlets

Calamari rings

Cream Dory fillet and potato wedges

Another of their sizzling beef

Sizzling Chicken, of which really came late.

Food were great, serving sizes just good enough. The service..I am not that happy about. Facts: there were not much people at that time when we were there. And like what i have mentioned, the one for my cousin came late which was also part of our set. He was almost done with his rice pigging it out without his sizzling. Another thing, we had beef which obviously not cut like bite sizes, don't knives included in the utensils just readily and that we have to asked first for those? (just saying).

Anyways, we had a good dinner. Laughter was the main dish! I just love going out with my cousins like this. We rarely see each other that is why when we get together we always have a blast.

I am looking forward for more of these get-together moments!

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