28 March 2012


The topmost layer of the wedding cake.

This got story to tell.

Let me tell you about it later.

06 April 2012: Now this is my story.

Nicole, my niece, was so excited about the cake that she wanted a piece for her to take home. The middle portion was already taken off leaving the topmost and lower part of a three layered wedding cake by the table. She came near her mom holding the topmost part that she asked if she can take home. Thing was, it was not a cake at all but rather some styro-covered fondant to decorate the top of the real cake, which in this case was the middle part only. Aawww poor Nicole, she was so frustrated learning it was not real. Not all things beautiful are real, Nicole. :)

But she had her cake alright. We dropped by my cousins' place and we shared the wedding cake.

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