06 April 2012


Just did a little something on my food. I wrapped it all up as i am busy with editing pics that i can not concentrate while holding spoon and fork. I've met with my cousins at Nuvali yesterday and we did some shots there. But it was way too hot and under the intense sun was not that conducive to take pics. We just went checking open shops. We end up getting groceries at South supermarket. I got some tortillas, spam, cucumber and peaches for my wrap. I got bottles of soda and iced tea (i am leaking sweat with this heat!)

Spam with a bit of oyster sauce

Sliced cucumber

Sliced peach halves

Assembling my wrap.
(rice, spam, cucumber,peaches-replacement for mango which isn't available)

Japanese Mayo on top

Easiest way to eat lunch while busy looking at the laptop! :)

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