18 August 2011


Busy as always in the practice which always resort for a quick lunch.  But a limited time does not mean you can not indulge yourself on something.  Sean and colleagues got a quick treat at 85degrees.  What did they get for themselves?

Orel Chocolate
I love the fresh strawberry topping!

Hokkaido Cheese 
White chocolate puff base 
and mixed with Hokkaido milk cheese

Creme Brulee
Sean tried this today and he liked it.
He wanted to try the Mochi and Panna cotta
but sadly they were not available at that time.

Along side his sweet treat he got himself nuggets and chips (french fries as commonly known) at McDonalds.  He did not get any tea from 85degrees for he got himself a soda today. 
There are more sweets to try at 85degrees we try to post more if we get them this weekend.

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