05 August 2011


Kurt, my nephew is eleven and he wanted pizzas for his birthday today. The nearest we can get is Shakey's. Originally he wanted a grand slam or thin crust. His sister on the other hand wanted a hand-tossed or pan pizza. Since i was not so sure if ever grand slam is still available i just ordered one thin and one hand tossed for pizza. I called in for delivery and because i got my super card i was able to get 2 boxes more for free!

Angus Steakhouse

I got this on thin crust party sized. A premium pizza made from specially blended Angus beef with roasted onions and sliced mushrooms topped with crunchy potato strings. A grand steak out as what it says on the menu. :)

Pepperoni Pizza

This Pepperoni Pizza on thin crust Party sized is what i got for free.

Belly Buster Pizza

This is the hand-tossed pizza i ordered. It got 11 delicious toppings: beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, salami, cheddar cheese, salami bits, mushrooms, red and green bell pepper, onions and black olives. It is kind of spicy a little and we loved the toppings.

Hawaiian Delight Pizza

This is the free hand-tossed pizza i got. It's the all time favorite of my niece for pizza. She just want it plain ham and pineapple on a thicker crust.

Kurt did not expect he'll be getting these. He was surprised when he arrived from school and short after the delivery arrived. I love pizza as well so these ones a sure go!

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