19 February 2011


Day 2 was not that much fun as day 1. Maybe because of some misunderstanding of cuzs' wives or something. But anyways, just the same, drinks & food to pig out on the table.

Frozen Strawberry Margarita

California Maki

Onion Rings

Chicken cutlets

Mixed Fruits Platter

Crispy Fried Frog legs
(but i didn't dare!)

Fresh Kilawin na Tanigue

We had nachos as well and grilled tuna again. Because of the frozen margaritas and talking-out-loud last night we woke up with throats sore. Good thing the comedic band performers saved the night. So good laughs still and cam shots everywhere that night. They had the beers for the road just before the band ended their set.

Another day ahead, counting the hours left before my cuz leave for the land down under again. We all hope to have another of these times.

Had a tiring afternoon and with sore wrist, i passed out easily and called it a day.

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