12 February 2011


It was sad to hear about the death of these lovebirds Edward and Bella so my cousins got these little rabbits instead.  These cuties were named Jack and Jill.  Since this year is the year of the rabbit on the Chinese calendar, they are considered lucky.  They are soft to touch, fur so smooth and the colors nice and neat.

This is Jill in white and black fur.

This is Jack in white, black and brown fur combi.
Jill is always been the active one jumping around and even gets to eat the most part of veggies.
Nap time after a hearty meal for Jill.  Jack was still busy cleaning up himself before snuggling with Jill. So cute i want to pinch them! They are like stuffed toys.
Just then i know that their ears lowered down when resting.  Asleep but eyes opened and do not even blink.
Here is the top view of Jack and Jill resting.  They looked like those fluffy house slippers with animal heads.
I have been busy these past few days and was able to post only after almost 2 weeks since i took these shots.  Sad to know just early this week that Jill died.  Cause of death: Unknown. Suspect: That electric gadget my cuzs used in their home.  That produces soundwave that kills roaches and rodents. It says safe with babies and puppies or kittens but did not specifically say other animals that maybe harmful with.  Are rabbits rodents?  No, they are not but in some animal orders they are somehow related.  So i suspected that it (gadget) somehow affects animals like these rabbit sizes and smaller. 

Hang on Jack, cuzs will get you another Jill.  Edward was too weak losing Bella, died after few days. Poor birdie :(

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