12 February 2011


My cuz arrived from the land down under, Australia, and we've always been pigging out since then. Like last Saturday we had these local dishes on the table: Monggo soup with Alugbati, fried tofu with pork slices in sweet spicy soy sauce, beef family recipe (with secret ingredients), steamed rice and crispy pata courtesy of our dear pretty friend Stace.

Thanks Manang and Manong!
Roasted pig made it on the table! Oh my BP!! LOL!
One of my favorite beef recipes! A specialty of the family.

The following week, tuesday, February 8, is my Uncle's 1st year death anniversary. Time went so fast since last year of the same month that we were grieving. Still, just the same, our family misses him a lot. May your soul rest in peace Uncle Oscar.

Anyways, in gatherings of the family he (Uncle Oscar) specifically liked a special native lechon on the table and so we got him this to commemorate his anniversary. Crispiness on the skin and juiciness of the tender meat blew the guests away forgetting BPs. Even i myself can not resist the tease!

Curse to my high BP! I was not able to enjoy much of the succulent dishes. What were there on the table? The Lechon, sweet and spicy prawns, fried chicken cutlets, beef mushroom & broccoli, bloody pork!, spring rolls, and palabok. For dessert we had buco pandan, moron -read as mooron (a native sweets from grind rice and cocoa--not sure if it got coco milk), colorful puto and choco marble cake. Oh my bloody sugar!!

Still waiting for my other cousin to be home (was to come early but attended a business trip to Spain) and for sure we will be pigging out again soon! Bar hopping hopefully for a post-vday celebration!

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