12 August 2010


Question: Why they call it building when it's already built? (lol!)

I love looking at building architectures like this one on Fraser St., Parkview Square.  It's color and structure is like one of the buildings in Europe and NYC. From Nicoll Highway you can see it standing like in between of the Gateway buildings (i will have my shots of those buildings too!).

Parkview Square
Lamp post at the corner of Beach Road and Bras Basah

I went quickly to Marina Baby just to take pictures of the skyline and to try also my cam at night settings. The sky is awesome.  I've seen some people just seated there staring at the water, some stargazing, and some just simply breathing.

Night view of Marina Baby
The Merlion at One Fullerton 
Makansutra located behind Esplanade
I left the house at 10pm and went back midnight.  Well, i wanted to stay longer but buses and trains only available 'til 11pm.  I decided to go home by midnight and since i got trauma with riding taxi here, i was praying on my way home to keep me safe. 

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