26 June 2013


Salmon Head Soup
Pinakbet (mixed veggies of string beans, pumpkin, eggplant, okra, bitter gourd and shrimp paste)
Chicken egg with no shells.  I am just not sure how they call this recipe.
Pork Sisig

We have visited one of our offices and it was time to have lunch with the colleagues.  One of the nearest resturants in the area is RSM Lutong Bahay. I have tried eating in one of their branches and it was my first to dine in this branch in Dasmariñas. They cater like homecooked kind of food as their name implies.  And truly they will never fail you.  Their varieties on the menu, (well obviously on the photos above, they're all there at the counter, like what you see is what you get), would make you have second thoughts on which one to order.  I was comfortable eating there. I admired the ambiance and the interior of the place. They have got wooden theme from the posts to the tables and chairs.  The place is clean and spacious.  I want to try their branch in Tagaytay one day. For functions, packages and info, you may want to visit the link on how to contact them at RSM Lutong Bahay.

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