16 February 2013


Sizzling Plate Baguio, SM Baguio
T-bone Steak
Fillet Mignon and bacon
Pineapple Shandy
We were on a road trip and Baguio was our next destination before we head back to Manila.  Just before meeting an old friend from Singapore at Mines View Park, our gang decided to head out SM City for lunch. We settled on the tables outside Sizzling Plate. I am not fond of sizzling plates like in some food courts in malls so i was at first hesitant to dine here.  But we needed some long table and more space to accommodate us. Too late to back out as they already started ordering.  As we got our food, we noticed that the sizes were not that bad and the side dish veggies were still crunchy.  Well, we were in Baguio, where veggies are cheap and fresh.  Going back to our food...i say not bad. I liked it. Each meal was served with gravy and java rice.  Weather was not that cold but just cool enough to enjoy the food and drinks.

We rate this out of 5:
Food: 4
Ambiance/Location: 5 (well, it is in Baguio!)
Service: 4 

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