22 February 2013



It has been like 10 years since i have last seen my cousin.  She is like a sister to me. Even with few years older than her, we have been buddies, did things and gone to place together.  She got her own family now and a pretty little smart daughter who i haven't met in person yet.  Took the time to see my cousin while i was assigned to one of our offices which is near their home.  Spent lunch with her and there were so much to talk about.  It was so nice catching up with her.  The years have set us apart but minutes together covered up those years.  And of course, time is not always enough for us.  I am hoping for more moments like this with her and to finally see her daughter.

Anyways, she wanted to eat here in Tokyo Tokyo, probably because she is into Japanese food as she stayed in Japan for years, and it was her treat..lol!  We had beef misono, california maki, chicken katsu and red iced tea.   We really had a great time!

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