07 January 2013


It is Sean's birthday!  Happy birthday Baby!

A little celebration for this special  day.  The week's work were tiring and leaving Sean no time to go market.  So.....we are having the usual.  He cooked some fried rice noodles with everything on it. (veggies and chicken).  Traditionally, it is never a birthday without some noodles on the table, which the oldies say represent "for long life". 

Also, a whole roasted chicken (chopped) from our favorite peri-peri resto, Nando's, is ready on the table for our disposal!  Got his Smirnoff Black chilled for later.

And for dessert some fresh fruits, ripe mango and apples.  Ripe mango shape is kind of rounded unlike the usual ones we regularly had, which was kind of oval.  But just the same, oval or not, they are the sweetest!

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