25 December 2009


We got some guests for Christmas and so we need to tour them around. But just this morning at around 11am i had a vehicular accident. It happened after picking up my girl at the airport. It was raining and the taxi we were on was in lane 1 driving a little fast. The accident took place right after East Coast Park when a van went out of lane encircling the slippery road and blocking our lane. The impact was intense and we had difficulty breathing at that moment. I am still blessed as i may say because nothing major happened to us and of the driver. Front of the car was wrecked. It could have been worst if we were not able to see the van. It was the most unforgettable experience i wont forget. I used to like fast cars but after the incident i always feels shaky traveling in any public vehicles. Worst...i had minor/almost accidents after that riding taxis which made me not-to-take-taxi-if-i-can while in Singapore. In short words, i don't trust their taxi drivers!

Anyways, that night i still manage to joined then at Night Safari.

@the souvenir shop
Although the body ached terribly i managed to enjoy the night. It was the night before Christmas and a lot of people were there mostly families from other places. I had a long day so let's call this a night. Have a good night!

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