13 September 2009


Nearest place we can go to enjoy nature is by the beach. We are just 10 minutes walk away from it. We always head out to East Coast Park whenever we want to enjoy the night and breathe in some fresh ocean breeze. Along the park are restos, coffee shops, bars, mini carnival, bowling,  video game,billiards and other shops for rentals of bikes and roller skates. On Friday nights, people would set up tents and stay there until Sunday morning.  I will upload some photos i took in my next posts, i just can't find my HD. HEHE!

This is the place where we usually go, The Steamboat! You will have to do reservation for the place is really fully booked especially during the weekends. They would sit you in and prepare the gas tank and start the fire to heat up the soup. This is "eat-all-you-can resto". You just get whatever you want to put into your soup (Chicken or Tong Yam Soup/ spicy or not). You can choose from varieties of chicken, beef and seafoods marinated and ready for grilling. Vegetables, noodles, and different sauces are readily available.

Drinks, ice creams and other desserts, they have varieties to choose from.  This is really a place where you can pig out. I think the price is reasonable and food is really great. What's enjoying here is that you will have to cook them yourselves however you want and spice them up to your taste.

Hmm Posting this makes me hungry. I miss steamboat already!!!

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