29 December 2014


Mucho Todo

Happening right now!

Here at Mad Mex for some Mexican food craving!  Love those beer bottles set up as chandeliers on the ceiling.  It was such a great idea.  The place is so neat and cozy.  Sean ordered the Mucho Todo (beef) which obviously means much of everything in it! Although this isn't on the online menu, hit the link to see how you can create your meals as to your filling desire, which kind of salsa you want with it and other stuff like how you want them (it can be with rice, tortillas, nachos,etc). What more? Along side of your choice is Nutritional info of what you are getting like energy, protien, fats, carbs, sugar and sodium.  How cool is that!

So, to satisfy any craving's for Tacos, Burrito or Quesadilla, you got to try Mad Mex! It has been awarded “Australia’s Favourite Mexican” for the second time in a row in Foxtel’s LifeStyle FOOD Channel’s I Love Food Awards 2014... need i say more?

Muchas gracias!

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