30 October 2013


Spreading the sweetness.

Nicole, my niece, likes to get cupcakes from this one shop she wanted to go but failed to find. She wanted to share them with her bestfriend.  So, instead, she ends up getting these sweets.  

She got the following brownies: (L-R) Triple Chocolate, Walnut Swirl, New York Fudge, Choc O-Chip, Kriss Kross, & Rocky Road.  For fudge cupcakes, (T-B) Brownie & Caramel.

All these sweetness she got from this shop BROWNIES UNLIMITED. Check out the link for other sweetness they offer.

Kiddos rated this out of 5:

Sweetness:  4  (I rate it with 3...too sweet for me)
Food design and presentation: 4

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