08 September 2013


Did my regular Sunday chores of going to the supermarket for some groceries.  I was not able to have breakfast because i woke up late.  I noticed that smell of freshly cooked batter as i got out of the supermarket.  And here was where it was coming from.  It made me missed freshly made waffle sandwiches with kaya filling of Singapore.  This one is from Malaysia, so i thought to give it a try.  I ordered for blueberry, ham and cheese, and cream cheese.  I needed to wait as the other molders were broken and few customers were already ahead of me.  I got them on my turn.  They were hot and right there i wanted to eat them.  But then i got too much to carry and was in a hurry to get back home.   
So, i had them with my fruity yoghurt when i got home.  Waffle sandwiches were too soft unlike the ones from Singapore and not much filling in it like on the posters.  Oh well, kids love them anyways.

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