01 January 2012


Welcoming the New Year 2012! woot! woot! woot!

Sydney celebrated welcoming the New Year ahead of most countries in the world. The Harbour, as usual, was crowded and people started to come as early as they can to get a good spot to see the fireworks display which is a much awaited event welcoming the new year in the city. This also a sought-after, sort of, yearly tradition ending the year as "the ball drop event" in Times Square, New York and the like. Some suburbs also have their own fireworks display. So, some people who can not make it to the Harbour just go to nearby suburbs for that.

New year's eve can not be without something to celebrate with. On the table, we got the Pasta with Traditional Italian Pesto Sauce, meatballs and slices of ham, Smirnoff Ice was a good company while waiting for midnight to come. I hope this New year brings you prosperity, good health, happiness and wealth!!! (as what Sean said) Cheers to 2012!!!

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