01 November 2011


We (with niece and nephew) came to visit my father's grave in Makati early Monday morning. Right after, we went straight to Greenbelt. We dropped by the chapel and sat on the park for awhile. Enjoying the air blowing lightly.  Sky was nice and weather was not that hot.  We enjoyed looking at the kids playing by the fountain.  I wanted to take pictures of them but parents might call my attention for that.  One mom blew some bubbles over the kids. Such a wonderful moment when little kids tried to burst bubbles. Benches were occupied as well as the tables from the coffee shops behind us.  

Look at how the scenery made on this old man's face.  It was my niece's hand below the photo, by the way.  I really enjoyed the day, like a break off from the rat race. I definitely need more of this kind of day.  

And finally, i was able to get back and dined here. @Mesa, Greenbelt.  Good though that we were able to get seats because most of the tables were reserved already and the resto just opened that time.  

These are what they used to light up the place.  I like the ambiance.  Like what they say it is a Filipino Moderne.  I wanted to take one of those tables but already reserved.

The condiments.

We ordered for Pork barbecue, Beef and Tripe in peanut sauce and shrimp paste which locally know as "kare-kare", and Steamed supreme beef.   Kids just loved how the beef so tender.

Though i wanted to try other dishes like the catfish flakes, crispchon, stuffed squid, baby squid in olive oil and other shell recipes, i just simply can't.  Kids are so fussy with food but i am so glad this time they really enjoyed them.  They finished them all up and it's worth it.  

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