16 October 2011


Yes these are sprouts homegrown by Sean right in the kitchen.  He soaked the monggo beans for overnight and then placed on a strainer then rinsed them with water every morning.  He wanted some leaves on it so he waited for 4 days.

I love what he did.  They are cleaner than ones from the market.  Fresh, greener and cleaner sprouts.  Now ready for some veggie rolls.
For dippings, vinegar, minced garlic, chopped onions, and cayenne pepper for spice.

Wrapped with sprouts and vermicelli....yummy!  Later that night he made this Vietnamese sauce (made of Vietnamese shrimp sauce, sugar and lemon juice) for his vermicelli. Sauce would be nice for fried tofu and thinkly sliced pork meat.  Something he learned from a Vietnamese friend.

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