14 April 2011


I had Rock Melon and
for my nephew some Mango (as usual) and coconut.

We have been to Makati, my nephew and i. He tagged along excitedly that day. We decided to go there and check out one of a toy guns he had been wanting for so long. Once we reached there one shop caught my eyes...Gelatissimo @Greenbelt5,Mkti. It has been months now since i last tasted it abroad. With cravings and wanting to have something cold to beat the weather, we agreed to stop by and sit for awhile.

They got lots of flavors to choose from but i am so distinctive with unsweetened or semi sweet flavors on desserts. And just as i thought, they were too sweet for me. Overheard one missy beside our table said that what she got was too sweet as well proved that i am right. I was frustrated for it was not the same taste as what i had before. No thumbs up for me for this one. In fairness though, the coconut is ok, but just plain ok. Nephew finished my leftover which is more than half a cup still, well what do you expect, the kid got sweet tooth!!! :)

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